What is Verdant?

Verdant is the nation's first sophisticated consumer magazine dedicated to covering all aspects of eco-friendly living-from design, art and fashion trends to news summaries and authoritative product reports. Verdant entertains while it informs, delivering smart profiles, engaging think pieces, insightful travel advice and cooking, gardening and investment tips. Verdant is a beautifully designed, easy-to-read source for today's modern reader. Verdant magazine provides Smarter Choices for Better Living.

When and how will Verdant become available?

Verdant has published two critically acclaimed issues both of which are available on our website.

Verdant’s full launch is delayed. We will post the revised publication schedule when it is finalized.

Verdant is primarily distributed in the United States. When the magazine becomes available at Canadian retail outlets, we will post them to our retail list.

Will Verdant be available online?

Verdant is designed as a print publication. It is geared toward an audience that enjoys the tactile experience of reading a physical magazine and appreciates high-quality, beautifully produced publications. Our web site is being designed to complement the experience of reading the magazine.

Excerpts of the most recent issue are available under current issue. The full contents of prior issues will be available online as well.

We are exploring further ways to make Verdant's content available online and developing online only features too offer relevant and fun information to our readers.

How can I advertise in Verdant?

Information will become available at least 2 months prior to the magazine re-launch.

How can I make Editorial Submissions?

Queries and press releases should be sent by e-mail. To submit books or other printed matter via postal mail, please email our Editorial team with the term "Book Review" in the Subject. If our Editorial team is able to review your material, they will then arrange postal delivery. Verdant does not accept unsolicited submissions by fax.
Email: editorial at verdantmag.com

While Verdant does not solicit submissions for stories and initial issues are virtually formatted, we are always interested in new ideas, stories, features and products which may appeal to readers. In order to be considered, unsolicited submissions must be in the form of a query not more than one short paragraph in length. We cannot accept files sent as attachments, so please send any queries as part of the body of an e-mail.

Verdant reviews a variety of products with environmental benefits or produced in sustainable ways. We welcome submissions of product information and press releases.

While editors will try to respond to queries we cannot guarantee a reply. Do not send anything that will need to be returned. We are not responsible for the return or loss of unsolicited manuscripts, unsolicited art work, or any other unsolicited materials.

What are Verdant's environmental practices?

We are reaching out to consumers who are just learning about how green initiatives can benefit them. We don't claim to be "pure" green. We believe we need to begin by reflecting readers' values and by appealing to their sense of style. Our first goal is to present information in a way that we hope will help readers enjoy more sustainable lifestyles. In the process, we will try to do our part in starting to set an example.

Verdant is printed on glossy paper with the highest practical recycled content (30% at this time) and the remainder certified as sustainably harvested by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

On occasion we polybag our magazine in a plastic wrapper. We use a polyethylene produced with d2w Oxo-biodegradable additive by Degradable Polymer Products Inc. More information about d2w is available at the Symphony Plastic Technologies website: http://www.degradable.net/ We are experimenting with new bio-based plastics as a replacement.

As far as we know, Verdant is the first US magazine publisher to use biodegradable plastic for poly-bagging - and we initiated the process to try to gain US Postal Service approval to use both bio-based PLA and d2w plastics for mailing.

For paper, inks, energy consumption and all aspects of production and distribution our staff will constantly be seeking improved processes that are more efficient and less detrimental to the environment.

How do I get a job at Verdant?

While there are currently no job offerings at Verdant, we will post jobs as they become available.


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