Going Green: Verdant Travel Highlights
  With so much interest in all things green, we're seeing a wave
of books aiming to help readers live “greener” healthier lives. These are among some of the new publications.
Farewell, My Subaru

It’s Funny Being Green
Turning your life around to be eco aware has it challenges. When Doug Fine decided to embrace eco-awareness he hadn’t bargained on the intricacies of installing Japanese solar panels, fighting off coyotes to defend his herd of goats and begging the local Chinese restaurant to help supply “veggie oil” for his truck. His book is a comical account of his exploits and the ultimate gratification of his new lifestyle.

Farewell, My Subaru:
An Epic Adventure in Local Living
By Doug Fine
Villard Books Hardcover. $24.00


One “Lightbulb” Per Week
Claiming “one good idea can change your life,” Natalia Marshall details 52 “brilliant ideas” including how to change to exercise options that are less earth taxing than skiing or golf, how to recognize unfriendly chemicals on product labels and how to save energy by canning local produce.

Live an Eco-Friendly Life
(52 Brilliant Ideas)
By Natalia Marshall
Perigee Trade Paperback. $15.95





Whether or Not It’s Excess CO2 Confronting thunderstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, lightning, floods, droughts or heat waves, award winning meteorologist H. Michael Mogil looks at the forces shaping current weather patterns on earth and points out differences between alarmist exaggerations and alarming realities.

Extreme Weather:
Understanding the Science of Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Heat Waves, Snow Storms, Global Warming and Other Atmospheric Disturbances
by H. Michael Mogil
Black Dog & Leventhal. $24




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