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Bringing Smarter Choices to a Gas Station Near You

Verdant magazine has always been a source for “smarter choices for better living.” We began with a glossy magazine to help people who loved beautiful style and the good life learn ways to make healthier, more eco-friendly choices. As we’ve expanded to include an online focus, we’ve continued to offer information on products, travel destinations and books. Now, we are introducing VerdantTV on PumpTop TV with the Urbane Environmentalist Jim Hackler.

PumpTop TV delivers a fully programmed mix of advertising and entertainment content on state of the art displays mounted above gas station pumps. What better place to think about ways to make more sustainable choices?

Cars are a significant source of excess greenhouse gases which scientists say cause destructive climate changes. Most of us in America depend on our cars. We want to enjoy our lifestyles and at the same time leave the world a better place for our kids and their children. VerdantTV on PumpTop TV offers simple tips to reduce your carbon footprint and live better. We’ll be making all the tips available online.

In addition, we’ll be offering downloadable guides with easy steps to make smarter, healthier choices.




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